Specialty Couplings, LovejoySpecialty Couplings

  • Specialty couplings to meet a wide variety of user needs

  • Deltaflex, Uniflex, Saga, Rigid Sleeves, & Shaft Collars

Specialty Products Catalog

Specialty Couplings, Lovejoy

Deltaflex Couplings

  • Patented all-metal flex-link coupling

  • Offers max misalignment capability with negligible reactionary load

  • No lubrication or other maintenance required

  • Applications include: compressors, pumps, fans, positioning devices, indexing tables, mixers, paper mill roll drives, drive line shafts, turbine drives, wind tunnels, cooling towers, and single bearing generator drives.

Specialty Couplings, Lovejoy

Uniflex Couplings

  • Flexible triple wound spring design coupling

  • Addresses high misalignment, space limits, high temps, & has low backlash/windup

  • Smaller and lighter than most couplings of comparable torque ratings

  • Applications include: textile equipment, printing and binding registration, robotics/positioning, conveyors, carton folding and gluing equipment, machine tools, centrifugal pumps, agricultural machinery, blowers, winding machines, and steering mechanisms

Specialty Couplings, Lovejoy

Saga Couplings

  • Elastomeric Pre-compression type couplin

  • Lower torsional stiffness (than other rubber-in-compression couplings)

  • No equal for high shock start/stop applications

  • Applications include: piston-driven devices, compressors, violent pounding, or crushing units

Specialty Couplings, Lovejoy

Shaft Collars

  • Limits the range of travel allowed along a shaft

  • Solid, One & Two Piece Split Shaft collars available

  • Precision-machined collars offer ease of installation & strength

  • Applications include: limiting motor bases & machine tools

Specialty Couplings, Lovejoy

Rigid Sleeve Couplings

  • Suitable for joining any two shafts when flexibility not required

  • Consists of a one piece sleeve, with two set screws

  • Applications include: light to medium duty applications