VKP - Plastic Flowmeter & Switch From Kobold Instruments

Plastic Flowmeter and SwitchThe VKP - Plastic Flowmeter & Switch are used wherever inexpensive flow measurement of liquids (eg. domestic services, cooling water, lubrication systems, solar heating, etc.) is to be performed. The VKP - Plastic Flowmeter & Switch series offers a compact design with wetted parts of Polysulfone, PVDF and Stainless Steel. Its low cost and features make the VKP series an ideal choice for OEM applications. Flow is read at the upper edge of the float.


  • Materials:

  • Housing: polysulfone

  • Float: polysulfone

  • Springs: 301 SS

  • Snap Ring: PH 15-7 mo

  • Float Gaskets: Buna-N or Klingerit-Oilit for oil units

  • Switch: Reed-contact bi-stable max. 200V, 0.5A, 10 W

Special Features:

  • ±8% Full Scale Accuracy

  • ±1% Full Scale Repeatability

  • NPT Fittings

  • Polysulfone Construction

  • Compact Size

  • Direct Reading Scale for Oil and Water

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