OMP - Positive Displacement Flowmeters From Kobold Instruments

Positive Displacement FlowmetersThe OMP - Positive Displacement Flowmeters combines high accuracy, repeatability and low cost with a variety of material combinations allowing it to solve just about any flow metering problem. The OMP series positive displacement flowmeters use an oval gear design to accurately meter the flow of viscous liquids.

The standard gear design can measure fluids with viscosities up to 1000
centipoise with special gear designs available for high viscosities. A pulse output is provided for input to a variety of display, batch control or distributed
control systems.

Special Features:

  • Flow Ranges from 0.53 to 26 GPH to 4 to 92 GPM

  • Handles Viscosities to 1,000,000 cPs

  • Pressure Ratings to 8,000 PSIG Available

  • Low Head Loss Oval Gear Design

  • Pulse Output, Mechanical Displays and LCD Displays Available

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