MFR - Magnetic Filter From Kobold Instruments

Magnetic FilterThe MFR - Magnetic Filter are used extensively in cooling and lubricating circuits. the MFR provides protection from ferritic particles which have either precipitated out of solution or, in the case of machining applications, have been carried away from the milling operation. Use of this filter is the insurance which protects you from expensive repairs caused by mechanical erosion of internal parts, or downtime caused by build-up and clogging of equipment and supply lines.

The MFR - Magnetic Filter first encounters our high field strength magnet. the magnet attracts all fine ferritic particles not in solution and holds them close to its core. the second stage of the filter is a fine mesh stainless steel screen which stops all coarse particles too large to be attracted by the first stage’s magnet. This open design guarantees the user of maximum filtration while at the same time minimizing pressure drop through the filte

Special Features:

  • Removes Ferrous Particulate From Liquids

  • 1/2” Through 3” Body Sizes

  • Maximum Pressure 230 PSIG

  • Maximum Temperature 425°F

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