KSM Synthetic (Polysulfone) Flow Meter and Flow Switch From Kobold Instruments

Polysulfone Flow Meter From Kobold The KOBOLD KSM Synthetic (Polysulfone) Flow Meter and Flow Switch is an excellent choice for applications with aggressive media. There are no metal parts contacting the process fluid. Measuring tubes are made of nylon or polysulfone with other wetted parts of PVDF (kynar) PVC and EPDM.

The standard flow meters are equipped with a scale for water, a percentage scale, O-rings, 2 adjustable markers, rail for accessories and PVC glue connection with capnut.

A polysulfone measuring-tube is available for very corrosive media and Trogamid-T for less aggressive media. Both materials are rugged and shock resistant.

Special Features:

  • Accuracy ±4% of Full Scale

  • Shock and Corrosion Resistant

  • All Synthetic Wetted parts

  • Highly Visible Float

  • Adjustable Switch Available

Product Specifications:

  • Accuracy: ±4% Full Scale

  • Flow media: liquids and gases

  • Mounting: vertical, media flow bottom to top

  • Max. temperature: 140°F

  • Max. pressure: 145 PSIG


  • Measuring tube: Trogamid-T or Polysulfone

  • Float stops: PVDF

  • O-rings: EPDM

  • Fittings: PVC

  • Switch: Reed-contact

  • Max. 230 VAC, max. 10 W/120 A, max. 0.5 A

Additional Info:
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