KFF - Low Volume, Rotating Vane Variable Area Flowmeters From Kobold Instruments

Low Volume Rotating Vane FlowmetersThe KFF - Low Volume, Rotating Vane Variable Area Flowmeters can measure very low flow rates. They are suitable for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and laboratory flow applications involving media transparent to the near-infrared spectrum. Our PTFE sensors come standard with both analog (0-5 VDC) and frequency outputs. The frequency output on other models is optional. If price is a sensitive issue, the standard PTFE/Kalrez® fittings on the KFF/KFG-1500 series can be replaced with PVDF (aka. Kynar®)/Viton® for a slight cost reduction.

Special Features:

  • Linear 0–5 VDC Output Signal

  • Highly Repeatable

  • Very Stable

  • No Zero Drift

  • Standard 12 VDC Input Power

  • Liquid or Gas VersionsSeries 3000 Variable Area Flowmeterss

  • All Features of the Series 1000 Flow Sensors

  • Very Compact

  • Power-Efficient LCD Display

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