EDM - Battery Powered Rate Meter & Totalizer from Kobold Instruments

Battery Powered Rate meter &TotalizerThe EDM - Battery Powered Rate Meter & Totalizer measures the flow of water and low viscosity liquids ranging from 0.3 GPM to 300 GPM. Its replaceable lithium battery powers an onboard rate meter/totalizer allowing installation in virtually any location,
regardless of power availability.

The upgraded computer electronics features 1 rate and 2 totalizing displays. Standard measuring units are field switchable GPM or LPM. The ability to store two field calibrations allows the user to freely switch 3 different liquid viscosities with the same Variable Area Flowmeters.

Special Features:

  • Brass, SS, Aluminum, PVDF, PVC or Nylon Bodies

  • Battery Powered

  • Compact and Portable

  • Ranges: 1-10 GPM to 30–300 GPM

  • Rate and Totaling Displays

  • Analog or Frequency Outputs

  • FM listed intrinsically Safe for Hazardous Locations

  • New and Improved Computer Electronics

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