DRS - OEM Turbine Flow Sensor From Kobold Instruments

DRS OEM Turbine Flow SensorThe KOBOLD DRS - OEM Turbine Flow Sensor series is the ticket when your application requires a quality solution with a low price tag. The DRS - OEM Turbine Flow Sensor features a vane-axial turbine design with imbedded permanent magnets and Hall effect sensor. This allows both clear and opaque liquids to be metered. The turbine bodies are available in Noryl thermoplastic, brass or stainless steel. Signal outputs available are frequency or 4-20mA. In addition to the flow signal, an optional Pt-100 RTD output is available to provide temperature as well as flow measurement.

Special Features:

  • Flow Range 0.6-10.5 GPM

  • Accuracy ±1.5% of Full Scale

  • Plastic, Brass or Stainless Steel Construction

  • Pulse or 4-20 mA outputs

  • Optional Additional RTD Output for Flow and Temperature Measurement

  • Low Cost

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