DPT Target Type Flow Meter From Kobold Instruments

Target Type Flow Meter The DPT Target Type Flow Meter uses a unique, patented target system to measure the flows of liquids and gases. This design uses a single leaf-spring to both suspend the target and to provide the target resetting force. The use of a single leaf-spring is a simple, reliable design which allows for operation with virtually no wear.

The mechanism consists of a target plate and lever arm. Fluid flow causes the target plate and lever arm to deflect against the leaf spring. A permanent magnet attached to the lever arm and Hall effect sensor mounted inside the display unit translates angular motion of the target to an electrical signal. The signal from the Hall effect sensor is used by the electronic indicators to provide a flowrate display, adjustable setpoint switches, or an analog flow signal.

The DPT Target Type Flow Meter is available in bronze or stainless steel bodies from 3/8 inch through 3 inches. The target plate measuring system offers a very low head loss and is immune to problems caused by fluids with high solids content.

Special Features:

  • Patented Target/Leaf-spring

  • Minimal Wear Components

  • 1.5-8 to 225-500 GPM Water

  • 6-30 to 260-1650 SCFM Air

  • Line Sizes 3/8" to 3"

  • Accuracy 3% of Full Scale

Product Specifications:

Flow Range:
Liquids 1.5-8 GPM to 225-500 GPM water
Gases 3-30 to 260-1650 SCFM air
Accuracy: 3% of full scale
Repeatability: 1% of full scale
Straight Piping Requirements:
Inlet 10 X pipe diameter
Outlet 5 X pipe diameter
Operating Temp.: -10 to 176F
Max. Pressure: 580 PSIG @ 70F
Wetted Materials
Bronze Versions: Bronze, 316-Ti stainless, buna-N, and ceramic
Stainless Steel Versions: 316-Ti stainless steel, viton, and ceramic

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