Kobold Compact Local Electronic Display

Compact,Local,Electronic,Display,AUF,KoboldThe AUF - Compact Local Electronic Display is a universal display unit usable in all 4-20 mA transmission circuits. Sandwiched directly between a standard DIN 43650 (Hirschmann style) plug and socket assembly, the AUF is the easiest of displays to install. The AUF is fully scalable through two control buttons. Programming capabilities include scaling, decimal point location, damping and, for units with a switch, setpoint value.

The AUF - Compact Local Electronic Display power is provided to the AUF directly via the 4–20 mA loop, so no additional power supply is required. The programming information resides inside the AUF’s EEPROM memory, making the unit immune to power failures up to ten years in duration (time enough to put your kids through college).

Special Features:

  • Local Indication for Transducers & Transmitters

  • 4-20 mA Loop-Power Driven

  • Works with Standard DIN 43650 Hirschmann® Plug

  • 4 Digit Accuracy

  • Switch Available

Additional Product Info
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