BVO Variable Area Flowmeters From Kobold Instruments

BVO,Variable,Area,Flowmeters,Kobold,Instruments The BVO OEM Variable Area Flowmeters WITH SWITCH cost conscious, large volume applications require special products. The KOBOLD BVO line of Variable Area Flowmeterss is aimed at customers demanding low cost without sacrificing the robustness and reliability associated with a top-tier Variable Area Flowmeters. The BVO offers all the design ruggedness and quality of the KOBOLD SV line of meters, only at a lower price. Made in a streamlined mass production process, the BVO offers exceptional value for applications involving water-like liquids. Repeatability of the BVO is nonetheless held to ± 2%. The switch supplied with each BVO is adjustable over the meter’s entire range.

Special Features:

  • Flow Ranges 0.1-1.0 GPM Through 1.0-13 GPM

  • Repeatability ±2% of Full Scale

  • Brass or Stainless Steel Wetted Parts

  • Adjustable SPST Switch Standard

Product Specifications:

  • Accuracy: ± 12% full scale

  • Repeatability: ± 2% full scale

  • Media: Water-like liquids

  • Fittings: NPT standard Wetted Parts

  • Brass Meters: Ni-Plated Brass Buna-N, Glass

  • SS Meters: 304 SS, Viton Glass

  • Temperature Range: – 10 to 212 °F

  • Maximum Pressure: 145 PSIG

  • Flow Direction: Vertical, Up N/O Switch Characteristics

  • Max. Voltage: 240 AC, 200 VDC

  • Max. Current: 1.5 A (AC), 1.0 A (DC)

  • Max. Power: 50 VA, 50 W

  • Hysteresis: 4–8 mm float travel

  • SPDT Switch Characteristics
    Max. Voltage: 240 VAC
    Max. Current: 0.8 A (AC)
    Max. Power: 30 VA
    Hysteresis: 4–8 mm float travel

  • Electrical Protection: NEMA 4X/IP65

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