Ready Flanges from Hayward

Ready Flanges - PVC, Corzan® CPVC and PPL - 1" to 4"

Ready Flanges, HaywardEasily Convert Socket or Threaded Valves to Flanged

Hayward Ready Flanges easily convert socket PVC and CPVC valves or threaded PPL valves to flanged connections. Ready Flanges feature a one-piece body with an integral nipple, eliminating the need for an extra fabricated joint and preventing a possible leak path. PVC and CPVC Ready Flanges are solvent welded into socket weld valves to convert them to flanged connections. PPL Ready Flanges are threaded into threaded connection valve to convert them to flanged connections.


  • Integral Molded Nipple

  • 150# ANSI Bolt Pattern

  • Easy, One Step Installation

  • Two Year Warranty