Electric Actuator Control Stations Hayward Series LS

Electric Actuator, Control Stations, Hayward Series LSEasy, No-Hassle Actuator Control: All electric actuators need some type of switching device to control them. But why go to the trouble and expense of fabricating control stations on site? Hayward LS Control Stations can be ordered factory mounted directly to a Hayward actuator making a neat, compact valve/actuator package. Or, if preferred, they can be mounted off the actuator to a nearby or remote wall or control panel. A color coded wiring harness makes this kind of field installation easy. LS Control stations also provide highly visible valve position indication. Models are available that will allow both local and remote actuator control for maximum application flexibility.

Easy to Use: Manual selector switches on the Control Stations control the position of the actuator, open, stop or close. Colored indicator lights show the position of the valve and are a standard feature on all LS Control Stations. A green light indicates an open valve and red a closed one.

Single or Dual Station Control: A single LS Control Station can be used for local control of the actuator. Adding a second station permits actuator control from a remote location as well. A selector on each station switches control from a remote location as well. A selector on each station switches control from one station to the other on demand, or both stations can be deactivated simultaneously. The highly visible indicator lights clearly show each station's status.

Adapts to All Applications: Because of their modular design the LS Control Stations can be easily modified to meet the requirements of almost any automated valve operation. Switching, indication and number of stations can be designed to suit each specific application.

A Better Way to Control Automated Valves

Why bother to custom fabricate switching controls for your electric actuator? Hayward has a better solution, the Series LS Actuator Control Station. Just connect a power source and you're ready to put your automated valve into service...without loose wires, hanging switches or confusion about whether the actuator has opened or closed the valve. The LS Control station can be mounted directly to the actuator, near it or in a convenient remote location. Not just for new installations, the control station can easily replace existing "make do" control wiring. The color coded wiring harness makes a field retrofit simple to do.

Electric Actuator, Control Stations, Hayward Series LS



  • Corrosion-resistant plastic enclosure

  • Remote and/or local actuator control

  • Mounts to actuator or, remotely, to a wall or panel

  • Easily installed in the field

  • Visual indication of valve position

  • Rugged, heavy-duty construction

  • Two Year Warranty

  • Keyed selector switches for added security