G&L Marlow Series 20EVP Vertical In-Line Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

  • G&L Marlow Series 20EVP, G&L Vertical In-Line Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps, G&L Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps, G&L PumpsPUMP: Heavy-duty cast iron construction, with 2" NPT female threaded, in-line suction and discharge ports. This
    compact, vertical design is self-supporting and requires a minimum of floor space. The self-priming feature allows the pump to be mounted above the liquid and suction lifts of 10' to 20' can be achieved, depending on the liquid and the pump model. Diffuser priming eliminates the need for a check valve and reduces radial loads insuring longer bearing life. These pumps are sealed by a self-lubricating, Viton mechanical shaft seal. When used on a suction lift any leakage that may occur will be down into the pump rather than up the motor shaft as the seal is on the suction side of the impeller.

  • MOTOR: Single phase motors are 60 cycle, 115/230 volt, except 2 HP explosion proof motors which are 230 volt
    only. Three phase motors are 60 cycle, 230/460 volt and all are 3450 RPM motors. All explosion proof motors are
    Class I, Group D, Code: T3B.

  • OPTIONAL MOUNTING: All models fit the Marlow Pumps lightweight, two wheel chassis. Kit illustrated in Section

  • OPTIONAL SEAL: Kalrez mechanical seals are available. Contact factory for more information.

Self,Priming,Centrifugal,Pumps,Model Prime Line (R) SP,G&L Pumps G&L 20EVP Technical Brochure
Self,Priming,Centrifugal,Pumps,Model Prime Line (R) SP,G&L Pumps G&L 20EVP Installation Manual