Weinman PumpsWhen it comes to general industrial, municipal, commercial and building service pumps, Weinman is widely recognized for quality, efficiency and economy. Weinman pumps are particularly adept in HVAC and water service applications.

Weinman pumping equipment and systems are widely found in boiler feed or booster service, chilled or hot water, cooling tower condensate and sprinkler, ice storage and liquid circulation. General water services include potable water transmission, sump and sewage ejection, municipal and industrial water treatment.

Weinman Pumps

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Weinman Condensate Return Units

Weinman condensate return units are designed for automatic return of hot water condensation from radiators, coils, etc. to low and high pressure boilers, or for return of water and other liquids to the overhead tanks of industrial gravity circulating systems.

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Weinman End Suction Centrigual Pumps (Frame Mounted /Closed Coupled)

Weinman End Suction (Frame Mounted /Closed Coupled) versatile, low cost centrifugal pumps are engineered for use on most phases of liquid handling.


Weinman Inline Vertical Uni-Pumps

Weinman In-Line Uni-Pumps are specifically designed for heating, air conditioning and industrial applications.

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Weinman Horizontal And Vertical Dry Pit Sewage Pumps

Weinman horizontal and vertical dry pit sewage pumps are compact in design to meet a wide range of service conditions.

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Weinman Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Weinman horizontal split-case single stage double suction, general purpose pump, designed for continuous service handling both hot and cold fluids.

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Weinman Vertical Sump Pumps

Weinman General Service Vertical Sump Pumps are designed to handle various fluids from drainage water or any liquid waste containing small, non-fibrous solids to larger industrial processes.