Additional equipment is sometimes needed to keep an extrusion or finishing pump primed. Follower plates, lifts and rams assist the flow of material into the pump inlet. Lifts can be used for fluids with viscosities up to 200,000 cPs. Rams are needed for fluids with higher viscosities. If a fluid is stringy, a ram may be needed for fluids with viscosities as low as 60,000 cPs. Carts allow for mobility when engaging in finishing applications where pump location counts.

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Extrusion Piston Pump Packages

Extrusion pumps are frequently put in the most difficult of applications - moving high viscosity fluids. Extrusion pumps are typically used to apply a bead of medium to high viscosity material. In some instances, the pump supplies a continuous bead; other applications call for intermittent delivery. Typical high viscosity fluids pumped include caulking, heavy lubricants, mastics, sealers and inks.

5 Gallon - To pump material from a 5 gallon container
Models: NP623EC43R7-XX | NP623XC43R8-XX | NP443XP43R7-XX | NP322XP43R7-XX | NP443XP43R8-XX | NP322XP43R8-XX | NP844EC4DR8-XX | NP646EC43R7-XX | NP646EC43R8-XX | NP423EC43R7-XX | NP423XC43R8-XX | NP665EC43R7-XX | NP665EC43R8-XX | 6502XX | 65054X-1 | 65054X-X | 67281-X | NP304R01-X | NP322LXX-X | NP322R0X-1

55 Gallon - To pump material from a 55 gallon container
Models: NP638R-XX-C43 | NPC23HC6FR2-20 | 67282-X | 67283-X | NP322R03-X | NP421R-52-C43 | NP422R-XX-X43 | NP424R-XX-X43 | NP431R-XX-X43 | NP434R-XX-X43 | NP621R-XX-X43 | NP622R-XX-X43 | NP623R01-1M | NP624R-XX-X43 | NP631R-XX-X43 | NP634R-XX-X43 | NP645R0X-1 | NP834R-XX-X4D | NP836R-05-F4E | NPB44R01-1

Floor Mount - To pump material from a tote or bulk supply
Models: NP423F01-1 | NP646F01-1 | NP813F01-1

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ARO, Piston Pump Packages, Piston Pump Extrusion Packages, Piston Pump Finishing Packages

Finishing Piston Pump Packages

Finishing pumps cover a broad range of applications including everything from applying the final coat of varnish on new furniture to applying a protective film of oil on new steel. Typical fluids used in finishing applications include paints, resins, lacquers, sealers, adhesives, varnishes, lubricants and stains.

Cart Mount - For mobile applications
Models: 650919 | 650554 | 650556 | 650556-1 | NP318C01-X | NP328C0X-X

Wall Mount - For stationary application
Models: NP409W01-1

Pail/Drum - Compact and mobile packages
Models: NP328D01-X | NP328D02-X | NP409L01-2

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