ARO Four-ball hydraulic piston pumps are perfect for higher volume and recirculation applications involving low viscosity fluids (0 – 5,000 cPs). ARO four-ball pumps are constructed of stainless steel and are available in a wide range of packing materials to maximize fluid compatibility. Additionally, the plunger rod and cylinder tube are ceramic coated to fight the effects of abrasion and scoring.

Piston Pumps Brochure

ARO, Four Ball, Hydraulic Piston PumpsARO 650950-X4B Four-Ball Hydraulic Piston Pumps

  • 0.58:1 Ratio, Hydraulic
    3.1 GPM (11.9 LPM) max flow
    0 – 2,040 psi (0 – 141 bar) fluid pressure

  • Integrated wet cup ensures extended pump life!!
    Reliability - Hydraulic pump motor is the fluid handling professional's path to trouble-free pumping
    Durability - Fewer seal points within hydraulic motor for fewer problems
    Versatility - Stainless construction permits use with a wide range of fluids and applications
    Environmentally Sound - Hydraulic motor produces lower noise emissions than pneumatic motor
    Serviceability - Minimal fluid section part count for simple, efficient repairs

650950-X4B Pump Specifications | 650950-X4B Operators Manual

ARO, Four Ball, Hydraulic Piston PumpsARO 650949-X4B Four-Ball Hydraulic Piston Pumps

  • 0.3:1 Ratio, 386 psi (max)
    17 GPM (64.2 LPM) max flow
    18 – 360 psi (1.2 – 24.4 bar) fluid pressure

  • Reliability- Multiple packing options permit maximum fluid compatibility
    Durability- Ultra Coated (ceramic) Plunger Rod and Tube for superior abrasion resistance
    Versatility- High flow rate excellent for large transfer or fluid recirculation
    Environmentally Sound- Optional muffler ensures pump meets OSHA specifications
    Serviceability- Modular design for ease of repair

650949-X4B Pump Specifications | 650949-X4B Operators Manual