Sanitary, Barrel, Pump, Type F 427, Flux, PumpsFeatures and benefits:

  • all wetted parts are made of stainless steel, ETFE or PTFE

  • to be stripped for cleaning and/or sterilization with a minimum of effort

  • no contamination of the liquid being pumped by shaft lubricants

  • optimum barrel emptying due to ideal impellor design

  • also available in 3A version

Functional View

  • the sanitary pump can be stripped down within a few seconds because of its ingenious design. The F 427 does not have any inaccessible voids. This allows you to completely clean the pump at any time.

Pump Available In :

  • stainless steel 316 Ti (S)

Immersion length:

  • 27", 39" and 42" mm

Sanitary, Barrel, Pump, Type F 427, Flux, PumpsPicture Shows:

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