Burlington Pump, Burlington Pump Inc, Burlington, Pump, IncBurlington Pump is a Canadian distributor of Industrial Pumps, Boiler & Level Controls, Calibration Cylinders, Corporation Stops, Couplings, Flow Meters, Injection Quills, Mixers, Pulsation Dampeners, Pressure Instrumentation, Strainers and Valves.

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Your First Source for Industrial Valves in Ontario, Canada

Find the high-quality components you need at Burlington Pump, Inc., your first sources for mixers, pumps, and industrial valves. In Canada, we design and manufacture parts of all kinds for all applications. Reach out today to place your order or to request more information about our products, our suppliers, or a free quote - weíre more than happy to answer your questions.

Industrial Components We Carry

Never visit more than one supplier to get the parts you need again. When you team up with Burlington Pump, Inc., itís easy to find exactly what you need under one roof. We understand the frustration that comes with hunting down specialized pumps, mixers, and other industrial components - thatís why weíve expanded our selection to include all the essentials (and beyond). Here are just a few of the items we carry:

The products we carry are good for a variety of applications. We choose only items from suppliers that we trust, including nationally trusted names like Hayward Industrial, Armstrong Pumps, and others. Thereís no better place to find the quality, name-brand components you need for your projects.

Get Your Free Quote Today

Many of our clients are operating on strict budgets. If this describes your situation, youíll be glad to know that our company offers free quotes, making it easy to understand your options in the context of your financial status. Fill out our simple online form and a member of our team will get back to you as quickly as possible. Itís the best way to learn more about our products and get the info you need to plan for your next project or job.

Looking for more information about our suppliers? We can help with that, too. Fill out our information request form and weíll send you the details on that specific product or manufacturer. This way, you can make an informed decision about the parts you order. Not only that, our resourceful team can provide recommendations based on your unique needs. Itís the best way to shop for essential industrial parts!

Contact us today to place your order for industrial valves, pumps, mixers, and other essential components. We proudly serve clients from our base of operations in Ontario, Canada.

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